The story of Youra


Youra is all about YOU, depicted as a fancifull representation of U, a trademark owned by Youra, Inc. for more than 30 years. The company specializes in the development of computer software and contract services to help individuals, associations and corporations manage for action.


Youra, Inc. developed as a personal search engine dedicated to mirroring your life. YouraAPP is a mirror of YOU, represented by U.


YouraAPP is a centralized place to bring together those elements of your life that you define as valuable for your well being and success.


Youra Logo


Youra logo is distinctive because of the large, round dot incorporated into the first letter Y.





To help each person discover U. The secret of wisdom, according to the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece was to "Know yourself".


What it is – "A Discovery of U"


The concept is U, a character, a symbol, a digit, identified by the fanciful letter U. The artistic depiction of the letter "U", created by Dan Youra, is a registered trademark.


According to Webster’s Dictionary "U" stands for "you". The definition of "U", (pronounced "yoo") is " a substitute for the personal pronoun 'you'."


U is a picture of "you". U has a history, a development. U is "user-friendly", a helpful guide to self discovery. The goal is to discover U, in other words, "find yourself".

The discovery is a process. It never ends. It is a journey, a seeking.


As we grow, we are discovering a new self. – a "new U".


What it does – "U Focuses on You"


The symbol U focuses the reader, the viewer, the consumer on "one's self". The letter U speaks to the individual. Yes, on "you", not "the school", not "the gang", not "the TV", not "the company", not "the government". But rather on "you". A new focus on "selfness" without selfishness. At the same time U gives a sense of "connection to others."


U is also plural. Just as "you" is singular and plural. There is a little "u" in each of Us. At the same time, U gives a sense of "connection to others." I miss U. I need U. I want U. I love U.


Where it goes – "The Journey"


The discovery of U is a journey that never ends. It starts with one U and grows, expands, permutes, morphs and transforms into new U's you never knew existed. The process grows into millions and billions of U's.


It is similar to Mickey Mouse. Once there was one Mickey drawn on a piece of paper by Walt Disney. Now there are millions and millions of Mickeys. They are everywhere on planet Earth. Mickey has been painted, silk screened, sculpted in stone, made into hot air balloons, copied, reprinted, duplicated, etched in film, digitized, televised, computerized and immortalized.


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