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Youra Corporation - The Founders


Youra Corporation is a business development company formed by two innovative business leaders, who share the name “Youra.” Dan Youra shares his last name with the first name of his partner, Youra Tarverdi.


The two Youra’s came together in 2009, when Youra Tarverdi, an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley reached out to Dan Youra, a publisher, who lived near Seattle, Washington, with the challenge of joining forces to build a dream machine.


Youra Tarverdi is a bridge builder and peace maker. Founder of the World Peace Network (WPN), he is active in global alliances, which he helped start with former United States Senator John J. Nimrod. He worked with the advocacy group, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), in supporting the causes of the dispossessed, disadvantaged and downtrodden cultures around the globe. Having traveled to more than 45 countries, Youra Tarverdi sparked a dream of dedicating his life to developing technologies to bridge cultural divides between the connected and the unconnected, the “on’s and the “off’s,” the represented and the unrepresented peoples on the planet.


The peace promoter turned entrepreneur and chanced upon Dan Youra’s global websites, reviewed by the Sunday Times of London as “potentially life enhancing with coverage that is hard to fault.” Golden State Youra contacted Evergreen Youra to explore a joint venture to chase their common dreams. Dan Youra had worked in New York as an editor of a global digest, Current Thought on Peace and War, published at the United Nations. A computer programmer, editor and artist, Dan Youra had skills, which Youra Tarverdi recognized as valuable for him to help broadcast his message of hope to forsaken markets.


After his global peace march, Youra Tarverdi settled in central California, where he developed a business model based on employing “los de abajo” in contract services, performing tasks from cleaning to temporary help for large corporations. Youra Tarverdi’s company contracted his service brigades to INTEL, WALMART, Coca Cola, Grand Prix, World Cup, government agencies, school districts to NASA.


The two Youra’s each nurtured inner visions of transforming bigger worlds.


As a teenager in Wisconsin, Dan Youra followed a calling to serve others and entered a Catholic seminary for high school. He started college at Maryknoll seminary in Chicago and graduated with a BA in international studies from the University of Wisconsin. He traveled for a year in Latin America on a Fulbright Scholarship and completed graduate studies in computer research at The Ohio State University.


Youra Corporation’s two founders believed that the transformation they sought could be accomplished by a change of perspective, the development of a thought exercise that challenged what the two dreamers argued was outdated thinking. Youra Tarverdi summarizes his transformative moment in a seven word epitaph – i died today, u were born today – which he posted on the web upon the death of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and visionary of “i” computing.


According to Tarverdi, poet of the Youra duo, the visionary’s death signaled the birth of a new world, the “U” world, a digital switch from “I” to “You.”


“The iVisionary died,” claimed Youra, “the search for uVisionary was born.”


Steve Jobs, the creator of iThings – iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and iMac – was laid to rest. His resurrected spirit was anticipated to be reborn in new incarnations of his creative genius. As when a Tibetan Dalai Lama dies and Buddhist priests search for his reincarnated soul, so at the death of Jobs, the search was joined for the reincarnation of the next computer visionary.


“Are you the new Jobs?” asks Youra.


According to the poet laureate of the Youra dream, the answer is, “Yes, you are.” ‘U’ is the new ‘i’. The manifestation of the vision of Jobs is to be found in ‘u’ – the alter ego, the ‘you’.”


Apple’s vision lives on. It is passed to a new generation of visioners-in-waiting. The vision multiplies from “one” to “two,” from “one” to “many.”


Youra Tarverdi discovered his alter ego in a second Youra, namely Dan Youra, media whiz and owner of, with whom he joined forces in a mutual search for the philosopher’s stone.


The two Youra alchemists are transforming Apple’s “i” world into the golden apple of “u” world. This dynamic duo - The You Team – is harvesting the seeds of Steve Jobs nurtured in the fertile crescent of their new “U” applications.


The transformation from “I” to “You” is observed in the normal development of a baby’s consciousness from “me” to “mother,” in the growth of an individual’s identity from “ego” to “other” and in the expansion of human awareness from “self” to “community.” For early humans, the first step beyond “I”, the “one”, was taken at a primary level of thought.  To the awakening consciousness the world is confronted with “self." The “I” is opposed to and distinct from what is “not I”, the “thou”, the other.


While acknowledging the obvious communication values of Apple’s inventions, Tarverdi points out that their main impact is on self gratification for the individual’s ego. Characterized by the white ear buds funneling iTunes between the iPod or iPhone to the brain. Apple’s iMacs and laptops each have one screen to accommodate the eyeballs of the clicker. The Mac’s feline operating systems are alleged to be easier to learn than those developed in Redmond and China. Once mastered, the communication impacts of networked computers are not that different.


Dan Youra takes a different tack to describing the transformation. He points to the switch from “i” to “you” by rewriting John’s words in scripture used to describe the coming of the God-man.


In the beginning was the "I". Out of the vacuum the "I" came into being. Through transistors and chips the "I" became digitized and dwelt in the mainframes of IBM. In IBM was the CPU – the Central Processing Unit – and the CPU lit up the brains of humans. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.


There came a man, whose name was Steve. He came as a witness to manifest the "I," so that all might access the "I" through him. He was not the Light, but he came to bring forth the "i"Mac, the "i"Phone and the "i"Pad, so that all might see the Light.


According to Steve, "He who comes after me has a higher rank than "I," for He existed before me. He is Truth and the center of Truth is "u." Truth revolves around U."


The "I" became "U," and dwelt among us, and we saw its Truth. He came to his own to transform them from "i" into "u." As many as received him, to them He gave the gift to become "u" – children of "U."


Dan Youra researched the linguistic origins of “I”and “u” to substantiate the depth and importance of the tension that characterizes their evolution.


Youra points out that In the linguistic history of personal pronouns “I” and “You” were two of the first words of early humans.  A person’s identity was bound up in “I”. Relationships with others were bound up in “you”.  Human language and social behavior grew from the interplay of “I” for one’s self and “u” for others.


In early humans the words “I” and “you” were intrinsically connected to the numbers “1” and “2”.  Early humans counted “one”, “two” - one finger for me, two fingers for “u”. What is now depicted as the “peace sign” began as the “U sign” or “V sign.” In older languages the “U” and the “V” were the same letter. The letter “U” is the dual, the double, the duplicate, the other.


In the primeval dichotomy of the mind, what was “One” before breaks apart into “One” and “Two”.  To an early human, the Two is at first another human, a “living You,” who becomes involved in address and response. This is echoed in the fact that the grammatical dual survived much longer in personal pronouns than in other classes of words. Linguistically it is not unlike that the Indo-European number word “duuo” for two is related to the German “du” and the English “thou” for you.


Many investigators suspect that in the number words “one, two and three”, are latent roots of the personal pronouns “I, you and they”, or even that the primordial forms of these pronouns actually became the first three number words.


The history of languages’ pronouns resist change.  The letter “u” in the second person pronoun “you” is found linguistically throughout the world and dating back 6,000 years. Indo European languages have “duuo” for “you” and “two”.  Sanscript has “dua”, Hindi, “du”, and Latin, “duo”,


English has “you” for addressing others and “Thou” for addressing God.  French’s “vouz”, Spanish’s “tu” and Italian’s “tutu” come from  Latin’s “tutus”. For “you” Dutch has “u”, Greek, “du”, Old German, “iu”, Gothic “pu” and “jus”.


In Spanish the capitalized “Ud.” or “Usted” is the formal address for “you”.  In Thailand the capital letter “U” is used to address a person, such as U Thant, past Secretary General of the UN.


When it comes to addressing “you”, the “u’s” have it!


Dan Youra has 40 years experience in developing computer software for business, publishing enterprises, consulting companies, executive management, the travel industry, and mobile markets. The Washington Youra began programming IBM 360-50 main frames in 1968 at Ohio State University and Battelle Research Labs. He designed the Global Village exhibit at EXPO 74 in Spokane, Washington, and he published the Official Guidebook for the Washington Pavilion at EXPO 86 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Dan developed his U Program over 30 years and brought it together for the APP market across computer, pads and smart phones.


The brains of the Youra computer network is its uOperatingSystem (uOS), a highly evolved CPU developed by Dan Youra over 40 years of programming computers from IBM mainframes to Apple’s iPhones and iPads.


The two Youra’s built a “U” brand to identify an information system that is promoted as “All About You.” Youra Corporation positions YOU at the center of YOUR own search engine. The platform that supports YOU is YOURA. Its language is U. U is the center of YOURA. U is the center of OUR. YOURA revolves around U. YOURA is built upon U, OUR, YOU and YOUR.


Google brings the world to YOU. YOURA takes YOU to the world.


Youra Corporation dispatches software on global networks to introduce the World of U to empower individuals in all cultures.


• The center of YOUR World

• YOUR own search engine.

* The platform that supports YOU is YOURA.

• The language of U.

• U is the center of YOURA.

• U is the center of OUR.

• YOURA revolves around U.

YOURA is built upon U, YOU and YOUR. – Youra Exchange System (YES) is a global exchange system to help “you’s” buy and sell in a free trade environment for the purchase and sales of consumer products and services.


Youra and Youra integrated the U Program around sound management and marketing principles for applications across a wide range of business and personal services.


A closing thought for this overview on the Youra journey is the instructive line, often recited by Youra Tarverdi, “You must be observant and prepare, because the light at the end of the tunnel just might be the light of an oncoming train. Trust, but verify.”




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